Yandex Webmaster

What is Yandex Web Master

Like Google Search Console ,Yandex present’s Web Master in this you can insert your site for ranking , this is comes after Yandex Search This tool is also very useful. This can bring traffic to your website. 

Using it helps you rank your blog post in the search engine. To use Yandex Web Master, you will have to create an account in it or you can also login with your Google’s gmail account.

Yandex Login

When you login, the window of Yandex Web Master will open in front of you.

add site

Here you enter the address of your website, then click on the add or you will get the Meta tag. Paste this Meta tag in the header file of your website in the middle <head> —- <head />, as you can see in the image above. Your Web Master account will be enabled as soon as tag is placed in the header file.

Yandex Webmaster Window
Yandex Webmaster Window

In this, you can index your website in search engine by submitting a sitemap of your website. As we know that Yandex is a search engine in Russia, your website will also be seen in Russia and there will be an increase in traffic coming from Russia. is. Here you can also index the particular webpage url of your website.

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