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What is Yandex

The search engine named Yandex was built in 1997 by CompTek in Russia. Yandex is the fourth (4th) search engine after google on the Internet which is very popular in Russia. It was founded by CompTek in 1997, 23 years ago. Let’s know about it –

You must have heard about many Search Engine on the Internet. Today in this post you will learn about what is  Yandex & Yandex Search engine.

 It was founded by CompTek in 1997, 23 years ago. Yandex is the fourth (4th) search engine on Internet which is very popular in Russia. 

Like Google, Russia has put a search engine in the Internet world, it also works like Google. The main language of this website is Russian, but we can change it in our language given by translator which is present in Yandex web browser.

Yandex Browser-

Yandex browser is very beautiful in appearance. Its look is amazing, all the things you need on the Internet, which we use on the Internet, are all set in front of us in a single window or browser page.

We can download and use Yandex (Yandex) browser in our pc or laptop. It also works like the browser of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. But browsing on Google Chrome looks more friendly.

This is to say that the look of the Yandex browser is very beautiful but its setting is more lengthy. We find it a bit unsecure because the setting is too long. For Downoad –

Yandex Browsing Downloading

After complete Downloading When You Will Open You Will Get Like This –

y browser-min
Yandex Main Window

When you open the Yandex web browser, you will see the best window. Before using it, you must go to the settings of this browser and make the settings according to yourself so that you can avoid unwanted spam and danger. You will get a lot of options in the settings, so enable the application that you need carefully.

Yandex talks about the tools that comes before the Yandex Search It works just like Google search address bar went to type front will be Yandex Search window opens. Where you can search images, videos etc.

Yandex Search

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