Type of Computer

Computer word taken from word compute which is mean count and then calculate and after calculation based on certain decisions .

their are two type computer  basis of application and size which are-

Basis of Application Type of Computer –




1-Analog Computer-

These type of computer is used to measure something else a A map is an analog of an area of land.

Computer that measure contains data-data that may change from minute to minute are

Analog computers. In actual life such computer are used only in laboratories of engineering and scientific institution.

2-Digital Computer –

This type of computer is used to using to measure and show Result in the case of a clock with hands which is an analog device the power of a spring or electricity is translated through series of gears.

These are the computer that we see in our daily all personal & home PC fall in this category.

3-Hybrid Computer-

This type computer is mixture of digital computer & hybrid computer. This type of computer is using in optical, arithmetic & biological computer these some most type of computer.

On the basis of size computer dived in to four type

  1. Super Computer
  2. Main Frame Computer
  3. Mini Computer
  4. Super Computer

1-Super Computer-Very big computer, high speed, telecommunication facilities

As calculator with help the help of super computer we can million ,billion instruction in seconds. User of super computer 1 to 120 in one time. Name of super computer



 Very high speed number of processor joined together to get the computing done very fast.

2-Main Frame Computer-

Main Frame computer approximately super computer because of its speed is too good its use r 1 to 50 in one time but it is less than super computer in size.

3-Mini Computer-

Mini computer is good because of its speed is too good its use r 1 to 15 in one time but it is less than super computer in size.7 to 8 printer online we can attach  with to Mini computer .


 In speed fast than micro computer & less than Main frame Computer.

4-Micro Computer-

Micro computer is small computer this is called home pc or personal computer 1 or two user can do work at one time only but its speed is too good but less than Mini Computer. Micro computer is consisting of micro processors.

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