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we all know about WhatsApp but WhatsApp time has been gone now As after the tweet by musk, the noise of signal app is being heard in social media all around. It seems that WhatsApp is going to go now.

Signal App was launched in 2014. Signal foundation created it. Before Some Time Signal was not a popular app but now today it is considered the alternative of WhatsApp.

Ever since WhatsApp had announced to change the rules of their privacy policy, after that people were worried about what they would use instead of WhatsApp.

In this way, the signal app has emerged in front of them as an alternative to WhatsApp, let’s know what is the Signal app

Signal App

This Signal App is a multimedia messaging app that you can use on Windows, iOS, Mac and Android devices.

This App was launched in 2014 You first go to the Play Store and install it.

To register in the Signal app, you only have to provide your phone number, after this you can log in to this app. Can use the Signal app.

It is the most secure messaging app, Signal is on the app top in Apple Apps Store.

Calls made through the app are also encrypted so that no one can hear them.

The signal simply takes your number from you. And does not take or store any information.

The signal app also has an option to lock the app with a passphrase so that the person using your phone cannot monitor your conversation.

The Signal app has all the basic message tools along with the security protocol.

In the Signal app, no one can take a screen shot of the message, it can also be stopped, for that you can customize it.

Emoji support, chat groups, and voice and video calls are also included. Which is also safe.

In Signal app you can create encrypted group. Signal App’s server does not store metadata or membership lists.

Features of this app can include delivery reports, muting conversions, blocking contacts, setting notifications, customize You can also decide whether an automatic download should be done or not.

You can send your cutrent location to anyone.

You can send broadcast messages from the Signal app. The special feature of the Signal app is that it does not store anyone’s data.

Protects data from governments and other agencies signal app yes but they can request for it.

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