Quora Benefit

Quora –

This is a Social Media Platform where we can ask or share our question  & topic. This is one type of Question and answer platform we ask question and get answer of our question. This is very useful platform nowadays because it helps also  create traffic on  website .

Quora platform where we can get information about all chosen topic such as Healthcare, Movies, Blogger, Business, Government , Books, Technology etc.

How to use it

To use Quora we ill have to create account in it with the help of our Gmail account or any other email account .first we ill type www.quora.com in the address bar and we reach to the Quora login page .here you will create a account. 

                                       login window

after login you have to choose some field of your interest like music, technology, politics, writer, Bolger, and many more you chose some of them and click on next/submit button.

your Quora Window will appear in front of you now you will complete you profile here .

quora window

now your Quora Account has been accomplished, Now you can ask any question from any topic .you can also give answer which appear in front of you in feed section or main page ,if you login after some time you will get notification click on there and you will get all notification and question, answer .

How it Works-

  • Ask Question & Give Answer if you want to ask Question you can ask , as you can see in your homepage window. you can solve the question which for you  if you knew the answer you give otherwise u can passed or cancel it . 

  • You can Follow A Topic when you follow a topic you will get Question & answer related to the your chosen topic in the feed section.

  • Use Images And Links you can use image & links of your website or post  with  your  answer.to create a link with your answer it will help you to create traffic on your website  it could be increase your website ranking .

  • Upvote Answers –  on the social media platform, When any post we like we click on like button same in Quora The word Difference only here like mean Upvote so if you like any answer you can upvote it.

Benefit of Quora

  • we can ask any question.
  • we can learn new thing with the help of new question which we get on the Quora platform .
  • We can Improve our  Research Skill.
  • we can share information about any topic any subject.
  • we will get new ideas And lots of question on  latest trending topic .
  • We can create traffic on our website .
  • we can share our post .
  • we can demand new idea.


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