Edge Computing

Technology in covid-19

we know that the technology development so fast in the world .This is better for us and for our future, because we were facing corona (covid-19) in 2020, now we understand and we have to be very aware about our future , because we will have to work with untouchability. Technology will help us In this era.

In this post we will talk about Edge Computing Technology which will very useful for making us independent and job creator technology will make you smart .

Edge Computing-

As we can see that the Edge Computing is made up of two word 1st Edge Which is mean is “another side”  and second one is Computing which mean “calculation”  So when we calculate or store a data another side beside the device this process is called Edge Computing.

if  we have to understand the edge computing we will have to learn & understand  cloud computing first, in the present time we are using cloud computing  and it has become mainstream.                                             

edge Computing
edge Computing


Current example of cloud computing are Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure etc. They are using this technology very well  and  dominating the market.

But cloud computing has some issues like Latency, Bandwidth & its Main  problem of cloud computing is its dependence on High Speed Internet Connection because this is require to access data from remotely located cloud.

But Edge  computing  has not this type of issue and So that latency and bandwidth problems can be reduced and capacity of an application can be increased.it will reduce latency and not putting any other pressure on bandwidth.

Under the Edge Computing Technology The Data Server is deployed locally Under edge computing, the data server is deployed locally. So data collection and its processing complete in local place only required data sent to the cloud remotely with the help of deploy locally it will reduce latency and not putting any other pressure on bandwidth.

Benefit Of Edge Computing

Edge Computing  developed due to IoT Machine ,The most advantage of edge computing is that it can do the processing and collection of data faster, thereby increasing the efficiency of the real-time application required by the user.

Edge computing will increase as use of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices increases. The global edge computing market is expected to reach $6.72 billion in 2022.This new technology only meant to grow and creating various jobs, primarily for software engineers. 

When  5G technology will come in the market, anticipated that this will accelerate the field of edge computing.

The use of Edge Computing Technology will help in automated building system ,smart cities & automatic cars (self-driving cars) & this technology can be used in drones, robots etc.

Draw Back Of Edge Computing-

where edge computing gives us many profit it could harmful for us like as-when we use any software we have to  installed it , and then we work on that particular software. But in edge computing no software  require that mean our data will not safe and we have no control on data so this issue can be suspicious for its privacy and security.

In Edge Computing data store in many devices so that is less protective in comparison of cloud computing 

with some issue has in it but these  problem could be solve and it will 

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