Computer Parts

computer has many type which complete computer unit

Computer Part List-

  • Monitor 
  • CPU
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Speaker
  • Printer 
  • Modem


                 This is output device in computer parts .monitor just look like TV or Television before some time CRT monitor were found but now LCD & TFT are available in market .

CRT=Cathode Ray Tube

LCD=Liquid Crystal Display

TFT= Thin Film Transistor


       CPU is a main part  of Computer its stand for Central Processing Unit .its also called brain of computer .CPU is defferntiated into three part 

  1. ALU=Arithmetic Logical Unit 
  2. CU= Control Unit
  3. MU= Memory Unit 

1.Arithmetic Logical Unit

when we any thing input into computer then the ALU unit Control it & check it that given input mathematical or logical and forward to CU .

2.Control Unit

                          CU control the forwarded command from ALU and forward to  MU.

3. Memory Unit

                              Memory unit is remember that what it have to give result in out put. 

So thesis are that main factor of CPU and this type works CPU in computer input & output method .


                       Keyboard is input device ,it has 102 to 125 tab or button its divede into four part,

  1. Alphabetic 
  2. Special character
  3. Function Key 
  4. Numeric Part  


                 Mouse is also Input device some time ago boll were present in the mouse but now today  optical, wireless & Bluetooth type  mouse available in the market .with the help of mouse we can go right to left up and down any where in just some second so that is very useful part of computer .

Speaker & Mice-

                      Speaker  is output device & mice is Input Device which we speak in mice this is input and which he heard with the help of speaker this is output .


                Printer is one type of output device with the help of printer we can get print of our work .


                   Modulation demodulation with the help of modem we can use internet because its work that convert telephonic signal into electric signal and electric signal into telephonic signal . which we use in internet .



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