Computer Notes


Set of logical information known as data


A set of instruction written in data language which computer can understand Set of instruction is known as program .it will make the computer do computer set of action.


A set of Program is known as Software. Install in computer with the help of floppy/cd/dvd.

Some Notes:

  • We can give 255 character in  folder name
  • Light pen is attach to the VDU (visual display unit) its not safe.
  • OCR- Optical Character Reader is able to read or recognize word which read with the help of computer.
  • OMR-Optical Magnetic Character reader is able read to read /recognizes words which write with the help of pencil OMR is use in form, Objective Sheet.
  • DVD-Digital Video Disk it is larger  4.7 GB to 17.1 GB
  • Pen Drive this is USB Memory, Jump Memory, Micro Drive, USB flash Drive, and USB Key.
  • Byte<Kilobyte<Megabyte<Gigabyte<Terabyte


  • 1024 Bytes =1 KB
  • 1024 KB    =1 MB
  • 1024 MB   =1 GB
  • 1024 GB    =1 TB


Chart 4


             Virus is a one type of program .It can be harmful for your system.

Name of virus

  • Diehard
  • happy Birthday
  • I love you

Name of Antivirus:-

  • AGG
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Smart DOG

Alt+Tab                   Jump one window last open window

Start+D                    all window which are open those all of minimize

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