Computer Fundamental

Computer is a wonder machine in now days we can’t do any work without help of computer .it is very important use in human life.

  • Computer is made up of silicon metal and plastic.
  • Any work cant be completed without help of computer in present time
  • Computer can do any work very easily and also in very short time.


                  In the ancient time when computer had not present men were calculated

With the help stick of woods to make the sign on racks after sometime they were calculated with help of their finger to calculate make easily.


                  Abacas is the first computer in the computer history due to the reason

  • Its found from 200 years ago chine’s people found a piece of wood which is in grave in dust   they took and through after know that, useless but after 200 years chine’s people once again found that thing due to its found they called ABACAS mean covered by dust a piece of wood .in this wood a rectangle shape in which two vertical and tow horizontal pillar which have rings of metal.

Napier bones:-

                         The very important role played by john Napier in computer history. He is very talented matheian in.

  • In 1640 rabdlozia named book published in this book. He published his great logarithm.
  • That was wonderful invent because the evaluating power is very good.
  • He invented a Napier bone that is made up of ten sticks small machine.

Slide role:-

                      The based on nap air’s logarithm that is first slide role analog computer invent in 1650 this slide role invented by two British’s man Gunter and reverent William

Paehal/ Passel:-

                           The France mathematician blazon paschal in 1642 inverted first electronic machine that is also known adding machine.


                     1671 Gottfried van labels that was greated popular German mathematician developed one adding machine with the help of this machine we can calculator.

  • The sum, subtract, divination & multiplication of number very easily in some second this adding machine known as calculator.

   Carls Bebvez/ Babbage:-

  • Father of computer Charles babez.
  • He invented in 1834 the first automatic machine. Which we could store the data and to give information we can do prosaic init.
  • That could analytical injan in this machine the CPU was present.
  • Due the reason of store data he is know as father of computer.

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